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Anathoth has been in the iPhone app development space since the device launched. Our iPhone application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between client's ideas. It is not just our knowledge of iPhone application development—the factor that sets us apart is our approach towards a new project. Our development team ensures that we understand your application in detail not just from technical perspective, but also appreciate the business end of it, thus delivering a Smart iPhone app.

We make sure that the iPhone applications that we develop, deliver the best user experience by performing a complete testing analysis using the Instruments environment. We analyze the performance of the application in various categories like User Events, CPU and Processes, Memory, File Activity, Etc.

Android is growing fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android app development. Our capabilities to develop interactive and feature rich android apps make us one of the leading android application development companies in Middle East and world over. Android is a powerful operating system for both smartphones and tablets.Anathoth has been one of the early starters in the realm of Android development and has one of best Android development teams.

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Mobile App Strategy

Determining the ROI of Mobility deployment becomes a challenge. We brainstorm an ROI based strategy for your app to ensure maximum downloads and revenue generation. Anathoth helps clients in understanding and mitigating any perceived risks involved in deploying a mobility solution. We advise on formulating the right approach in aligning business processes. We give our foremost attention to the app strategy before any designing or coding anything. Our brilliant app designers craft a unique and app prototype that is feature rich and user friendly. We drive more revenue by focusing on loyal customers, improving customer engagement, and prioritizing product roadmaps through business insights. Our Industry standards based technology empowers your IT team to innovate rapidly and deliver business results quickly.

We offer
  • Identify Market -To identify the target market where the client wants to deliver the app.
  • Audience Insight- We study the audience who will be the end user for this app.
  • Competitive Research and Analysis - on the basis of the research methodologies and research analysis we determine the App scope and its visibility in the market.
  • Product Deployment Strategy & Planning - Here we develop the Strategy for the app based on our research & analysis and how it's going to be developed with encoding all the functionalities as per the client desire.
  • Business Goal Achievement: Here we deliver the product for achieving the Goal for the business.

Mobile App Design

Great Design is at the heart of everything we do and that’s what keep your customer coming back. We create beautiful yet simple mobile UI designs. Our User Interfaces are not just innovative but also adaptive according to different screen sizes, resolutions etc. Beginning with a use case driven approach, we create beautiful experiences that delight customers and accelerate brands. Our developers provide par-excellence services to develop an eye-catching interface for your project which is closely monitored by QA team to make it completely bug free. We deliver a stunning user experience with help from our outstanding designers. Address your unique app development needs with our mobile development experts. We spend a lot of time planning and developing our application, and we want all of our customers to have the same expected user experience.

We offer
  • UI/UX Research :Our team of designers work in close contention with the clients to iterate the design of the app being developed to come up with an effective, intuitive and engaging design of an app.
  • Design Prototype: Our product development goal is to maximize output results with minimal input within an optimal timeline for which we provide extensive design prototypes.
  • Interactive Mockups: Conjuring and building on ideas that would be the best fit for your mobile app requirement, we provide a communicative interaction with our clients to bring out the best for the app.
  • User Experience Testing: Apps developed will undergo multiple tests to ensure that the final product is free from any technical or layout glitches, this will enhance the app with an user, we always keep our self to step ahead the expectation of the user.
  • Compatibility Across Devices: In most instances, your hardware and software are developed independently but are expected to function properly together. Anathoth focuses on the look, feel and ease of use, compatibility testing focuses on determining if the hardware and software display and allow the application to function properly.

Mobile Application Development

This is where all the hard work put in comes to life. We build best-in-class native mobile apps with scalable agile methodology that drives immersive mobile experiences. We help our clients in refining their ideas, choosing the right platforms to target and choosing the right product development strategy. We send your app to the digital waves for Marketing and Distribution. May it be App Store, Google Play or App Center we successfully help in promoting your app on all the platforms. We create smart and powerful mobile apps for startups and businesses to bring you amazing experiences for your business needs. We develop with tremendous experience in creating innovative and intuitive app design that helps create brands for startups and new products for businesses. Get a competitive edge by delivering agile product launches and updates. Because time is money. Our complete power packed, end-to-end solution for delivering your mobility strategy, boosting productivity, and accelerating business results.

We offer
  • Enterprise Mobile App development: Our Enterprise Platform is the best because we spend less time in solving the technical challenges of developing feature-rich, cross platform mobile apps, and focus more on what really matters - delivering business value to our customers. The enterprise platform enables reliable and secure connections via various authentication and authorization policies. Our Infrastructure also adheres to all critical standards to ensure secure handling of your enterprise data. Scalable end-to-end solution to deliver secure enterprise productivity apps for your customers, employees and partners.
  • Andriod App Development: When we create Android Apps, our app developers guarantee that all apps are apt and indigenous for rich client experience to guarantee best features. Our exclusive, high-end apps for GPS Solutions, Push Notifications, E-commerce apps and games redefine innovation. Our high quality graphics result in a heightened user experience.
  • IOS App Development: Our IOS app developers create outstanding iPhone and iPad applications. Our design and development procedure is improved for the requisite iOS standards. Our IOS App Development Team takes next generation concepts and applies them to your business needs today.
  • Cross Platform App Development: Our developers simply writes a single code base for apps that will eventually be used on different platforms viz. Android, iOS, Windows that showcase unique principles and behavior. The invention of effective cross platform methodologies and tools have well taken care of cross-formatting apps by keeping the developers’ resources intact.
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